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Goal Setting and Goal Getting

About 3% of the population set goals, the other 97% work for them.

Decide where you're heading

The main reasons why people mess up are lack of goals, lack of financial literacy, and not enough reasons why they should become successful.

Find Your "Why"

When you work out your "why" then the "how" will work out itself. To stay motivated you need a strong "why".

If you say: "I can't !" then your brain shuts down and you're finished.
If you ask: "How can I ?" then your brain finds answers.

Start Setting Your Goals Now

Open a new spreadsheet (available for free from
and lay it out like this:

My Goals
(List as many as you like)
(Your Why)
Personal Goals
FreedomFree to do, free not to do102 years
TravelSee the world51 year
... (list more here)
Business Goals
Be a cashflow millionairePersonal Development85 years
Talk to 3 new people every dayExpand my business1090 days
... (list more here)

Feel free to add more categories. Aim for a total of 50 goals, as if time and money where no object. Now pick the 5 most importtant goals and work on those first. Once you achieve a goal, pick another one from the list.

Goal Setting Exercise: Setup Your Office

You need a base from which you can run your business. This is where customers can phone you or leave messages, from where you mail out products and take care of business matters. Find a quiet place from where you can work with your team over the phone or internet.

Get a desk or place from where to work. When things get busy you need an undisturbed place where you can handle incoming calls and where nobody moves your stuff around.

Get a land-line phone with answering machine just for your business. Customers may be reluctant to call a mobile phone.

Business Tools

Use a diary to book your appointments.

Have some product inventory handy so you can supply customers right away. To your customers you are just like a local sweet shop. They want their products right now.

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