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Welcome to my Lifestyle Blog

A while ago my friends asked me to write down all the lifestyle, health and wellness stuff that I often talk about. That's logical as it gives me more beach time. Here it is. Enjoy!

Status Updates

Instead of posting on fakebook, it's easier to post here what's on. Much good stuff is happening.

 Happiness is Contageous 

Smile and world smiles at you. Happiness is very contageous, it jumps to almost eveyone you come in close contact with.

Suppose for a moment that you have control of your mind, a great goal in itself. Would you ask it to create happiness or misery? It is your mind and your philosophy that creates your state every day. Like it or not, you are responsible for your emotions, not others.

 Daily Fitness 

My garden is my fitness centre, gives me a great workout. Think of the gym fees one can save. Swim training complements this well and I love a good soaking. Come and join me if you live near Brighton, England.

 Health Business Boost 

There's never been a better time to build a health and nutrition business than now. People have become increasingly aware that they can't rely on Big Pharma for good health. The flu pan(dem)ic of 2020 has given the health and wellness industry a massive boost. Now more than ever are people mindful of their health. Several science labs have published studies how important Vitamin D3 and Zinc are for balanced immune health, and this pushed up demand for nutritional supplements.

Teamwork makes the dream work. An interesting side effect of the changing economy is that I'm now working much closer with people via social apps like Telegram and Jitsi. There is no need to travel to meetings, we just hook up when the need arrives. Colleagues who would not want to travel in the past, now show up online.